wabi sabi son

nature is perfectly imperfect and so beautifully powerful.

good or bad, perfect or imperfect, done is done.


butterfly says


you can always rebirth yourself if you choose to do the work. heal your past and get more control of your life in the present moment. choose your adventure, take the reigns, and flap those wings


mama bear

13 years to the day and I feel more grateful you left than sad being left behind. Loving you hurt as much as it healed and it was only after you left could I know peace of heart. thank you for being my mom. love you forever and ever and all ways and in all forms XOXO

zebra says


Zebra says stop thinking in all or nothings, black and white, as you’re only limiting yourself. This is all a game and you’re the star of your own life. Make it into what you want it to be. No one can tell you how this all goes. Zebra question your views on reality and what you believe life to be. Get beyond that and consciousness opens wide.