pretty songbook covers


prescription for depression

blue bird

St. John’s Wart, either in vitamin form or herbal tea. every morning

Vitamin D, get a little sunlight on your face. human beings need sunshine and that’s a fact

Water Water Water,┬ádrink it, shower in it, swim in it and drink it some more. wash your hands often, it’s like a reset button on your moment and clears away stale energy

Movement, get up, get walking, get stretching, and when you can, get dancing. a good session will get you out of your head and into your physical body. thoughts are cerebral while dancing is primal

Write, get a notebook and say all the things you won’t, can’t, shouldn’t, didn’t and need to. keep your poison contained to your own pages as you’re the only one who can really fix it. tell yourself what you need to hear and then tell yourself the truth. ask the questions you most need answered

Remember, it’s not as bad as it feels and release is inevitable.┬áthe dawn will breaker sooner than you think, but it may take longer than you’d like. hold fast, but loose

Alchemy: Citrine




assists in abundance

a merchants stone, keep where one conducts business

maintain endurance

energy flowage


new thought growth

keeping an open mind

the balancing of impatience and restlessness

mental focus



self esteem