epic to do list

slow way down

trust love

forgive myself for the past

forgive everyone else for everything ever

stop mourning losses

let go of people, places and things that no longer serve you

trust the right people

believe in yourself, no matter what

accept the moment and make do, be thankful for what you DO have


my learned ‘love is’ rules of a happy marriage

love is

This is what I didn’t do in the moment, but I wrote it down so I could learn to for the future.

listen without judgement or comment or opinion, just hear

say your sorry and admit when you’re wrong

accept you are doing your best at all times and then do better

try harder, give more, accept more

let him be upset and don’t try to fix it

help each other if you can

let him figure it out on his own

learn from the past and consciously create the future

trust his heart and let the love reach you

I see myself in a way I couldn’t before and I’m thankful for the reflection

Alchemy: Turquoise

                                                                                                                                              image via 


an ancient amulet and one of the oldest known gemstones

if given by a friend the power to protect is tenfold


peace to the homefront

monthly moon cramp reliever



healings of self sabotaging

soothes a troubled mind

unblocking writer’s blockages


opens throat chakra

connection to the universe at large

acceptance of all parts