Alchemy: Magnesite

florencite magnesite


Magnesite, the calmer


assists in your heart chakra opening

stress release

tension lifting

monthly moon lady cycle relief

teeth strengthening


soothing vibes to calm you

help using that imagination of yours for creation of all kinds

clear self viewing

uncovering of unconscious thoughts


loving your self

opening your third eye and crown chakra

mind to heart connection

spirit guides connections

psychic knowing


Alchemy: Agate


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agate otherwise known as, the earth rainbow

as one of the oldest known stones it may just be the best and first for your collection.

a family member of the quartz crystals


strength to keep on keeping on and making your important choices

inner harmony

acceptance of what is and the knowledge, it too shall pass


gives good dreams and protection in your dreamtime

a peace for upset tummies and strength for gums

energy drains won’t get you with this protector


a pregnancy stone and calm to potential “baby blues” after birth

between the breasts encourages milk making

that which we don’t need  we can let go of