Around The Block

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Buffalo Says

buffalo mother

life no longer has to be a struggle. first we thank for what we have and acknowledge we brought it to ourselves. next we pray for what we want, act as if we already have it, feeling the joy and kissing the ground in appreciation. then we receive and we thank once more.

Old Mother Bones

baba yagaBaba Yaga, the crone mother teaches to respect and honor your dark side. Your weakness and depressions, why aren’t they as beautiful and important as  your joy and happiness? Respect your cycles and passes in this life journey. The point of being here is to experience all sides; good and bad, up and down, “right” and “wrong”.

There is no reason to judge anymore.

Accept your lessons as they’re all around you and in every single human you meet. See your mirror, learn something and love, because it’s you you’re watching struggle in the other.