Truths everlasting

The Universe is a patient, aware, and at times humorous teacher of lessons to grow you as a human. Evolution is still happening although we are unlikely to grow wings or take to water at this point in the timeline. It’s an evolution into greater consciousness and the real deal type of love we come from. It’s never been what we thought, but it’s also better than what you felt you needed.

I have dedicated my life to walking these hidden paths to the center of self and I’ve found if you sit up front and raise your hand, the lessons come fast and furious. There are extra credit worksheets and unbelievable field trips. Step one on the mystical journey: accept you know nothing about anything and be willing to listen to your heart no matter what any one person around you says. More than likely they will tell you you are wrong. Never listen.

Keep on trucking and find your own better day.


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