Daddy Dearest

My dad, Paul Adrien Choiniere, was a truly good man who was happy with his life. Without knowing his time was up I asked him on our last phone call if there was anything he’d left to do in life, anything still on his list. I just want to keep waking every morning he said laughing, so glad to have each and every day of his life. He found happiness after my mother died with his new wife Sharon and we were all so happy for them.

He and I had a tense relationship while I was growing up because we both thought we were letting the other down. I am glad to say I learned from losing my mother and said what I needed to my dad while he was still here. I got it out and then let it go. We talked on the phone every week and laughed and I meant it every time I said love you when when we got off the phone. And I knew he meant it too, after all this time, I finally felt my dad’s love fully and what a love he gave.


I thank you for your worry as well as your love. Your jokes no matter how unfunny they were at times (most of the time), what a man never stops making them no matter how hard life is. For the time at the wedding you “finally found the beat of the song” with your feet moving faster than I thought they could and finger pointing in the air. For always having a business and trying to be your own boss, for your love of the mail I inherited. Thank you for buying me a camera and a typewriter and never ever once making me doubt you loved my mother. I can believe in men because of you and your good heart. Thank you for taking me trick or treating and for always taking us out to dinner, for making dinner. For our vacations you worked so hard for and that you drove us on. Thank you for being my dad. I wouldn’t have had it any other way. All my love ever after.


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