She Lives!

More often than not I find myself in a moment previously thought impossible. What was the biggest lesson learned from this journey contained in a book? That your life is written by you in an ongoing fashion, you alone decide how people treat you and what scenes float by your life’s proverbial window. I was afraid when the good came popping up because deepest down, I didn’t think I deserved it for whatever I’ve done or had been done to me.

The beauty is after the sorrow and sadness for giving you less than you deserve, than we ALL deserve, you find a peace and a love you’ve never known. None of it matters as much and you live the very moment you have, you’re thankful for it and make the very best of it you can. When life is at its worst, you learn the most.

Best of all you learn to accept the good just waiting beside you to be let in.

To my Whaleheart,

Thanks for everything.

Love Adrianne